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Best Pest Control OKC- Countryside Pests

Best Pest Control OKC- Countryside Pests

The first step to take when you notice pests in your home is to search for the best pest control OKC.

Pests that invade the home are in various species. They include bees, ants and cockroaches amongst others. When you try to kill the pests in your home, you are posing a threat to your family; since they can bite or spread within the home. This does not however, get the solution of eliminating them. If they have an underground trail, it will be difficult to terminate by yourself. In which they will keep on coming back if not properly handled by the best pest control Oklahoma City.

One of the ways to establish the best pest control is by checking that the services you will get are of professional standards who are licensed. This is a requirement for anyone who wants to run such a company, but would be proper to ask for the documentation.

When searching for the best pest control OKC, settle for the company that goes beyond offering the minimal level of pest eradication standards. The pest control company ought to be equipped with the right and modern tools with the knowledge on how to control pests and keep them out of your home.

The best pest control would be easy to reach and contact when needed. It would be important to note that the pests mainly attack at night. When you need to get OKC pest control services you can get the services at any time of the day or night. The response time also ought to be short, guaranteeing that the clients do not suffer any further pest infestation. If the pests do not require emergency attendance, it would be proper for the company to keep time and promise on the scheduled time to removal of pests.

When you contact the best pest control Oklahoma City for help, you should be able to find out the type of chemicals they use. This will make certain it will be home friendly, especially for children and animals. The pesticides used often take effect on the pests and humans alike. Establish that they use the most efficient chemicals to remove the pests and take no effect on your home or the children. It would be important to note that the chemicals do not specify if they are effective to humans, but it would be upon the best pest control OKC to make sure that they chemical friendly techniques.

The cost to get the OKC pest control services would only be right, if it were affordable. Receiving estimates of the best pest control Oklahoma City would determine the best company to hire.

First, ensure that you do not get a flat rate, to avoid any hidden rates. If you have established if the pests are in or outside the home, they should explain if they handle pests in or outside the home. This will help to select the best pest control Oklahoma City.

Exterminating pests in or outside your home can be a struggle. Hire the best pest control OKC to get the job done.

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Best Pest Control

Best Pest Control- Small Living

Best Pest Control – Small space can be tough to work with. You want the space to look great, but not overcrowd it either.

These kind of small places usually occur when living in an apartment or townhome. There are many great ideas and tricks to fill up your space by using furniture, curtains, rugs, end tables and décor without overcrowding the room.

Some people love wrap-around couches. If you are one of these people, but are living in small space, there are no worries. You can have that couch! Utilize the space by placing the couch within a corner and by utilizing the wall as a backdrop. This will leave open space and allow for more furniture or décor.

Another furniture idea for a tight space is by facing the furniture towards each other. It can be nearly impossible to have all of the furniture facing the television in smaller space. By placing the couch on one wall and two smaller chairs on the opposite facing wall, it will create middle space. Try a smaller table top between those two chairs for more room to show picture frames or coasters. This look will allow you to have a coffee table within the middle space. Top it off with a unique tray or fixture that will hold books or a plant.

If one of the walls in the room is covered in windows or doors, that’s easy. You can simply make this space feel like home. By placing an arm chair in front of them, but also giving room between them, the chair will make for a natural sunlight look. This enables you to still utilize the other two or three walls that might make up that room. Decorate with picture frames on the walls, a light fixture and a smaller end table that holds a plant or drinks.

Lacking storage may be another problem you are dealing with the smaller space. Creating some type of coffee table with shelves or pull-out drawers will give you more space to store items such as remotes, books, throw blankets and movies. Book shelves are also now being used to display art, photos, candles or knickknacks from vacations.

For décor, curtains are a must with decorating your space. Curtains give more character to the room by adding pops of color and texture. A way to make the room appear larger is by placing the curtains above the usual hanging point. Placing the curtains almost to the ceiling will give the effect that the windows are larger and the ceiling is taller. Try using a contrasting color or texture with the room to give it more dimension.

Décor is very important to make a space come to life. Mixing different tones, shades, colors and textures will give the space charm. Even if you are going for a more neutral look, you can add pops of color or texture in the décor. This will give it depth without overdoing the look you are striving for.

So many possibilities for small spaces. Use your imagination and space well with the correct furnishings and décor!

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Countryside Pests-The Lost Pages of Wonderland

Countryside Pests-The Lost Pages of Wonderland

Countryside Pests would like to inform parents and their children about this wonderful performance coming into Tulsa for a couple of days.

Stories that start with ‘Once Upon a Time’ most likely leads into a fairytale.

The Lost Pages of Wonderland is a series that display its own twist on several beloved fairy tales. These fairy tales have intertwining plots and characters such like, Into the Woods and Once Upon a Time. Those fairy tales are somewhat serious, so The Lost Pages of Wonderland also turns this into a humorous act with a mix of Shrek and Mega Mind.

The stories are tied together with a main character, the Phantom, which runs through many adventures. The Phantom has always had a long desire to become the greatest villain of all time. There always seems to be a bad guy in fairytales.

It starts off in The Lost Pages of Wonderland where Phantom has abandoned his mischievous and villainous ways. He embarks on a curious journey alongside Alice Wonderland, Prince Charming and Puss in Boots. Other fairytale creatures tag a long such as the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent and the Wicked Witch from the West.

With having so many fairytales within one performance, there is destined to be fights, sadness and loss. The Lost Pages of Wonderland performs with sword fights, intense battles, pyrotechnics, special effects, beautiful scenes and sets and costumes. You can’t forget the crazy humor and laughter moments.

Think about every fairytale written, there is always some kind of prosperity. Fairytales also incorporate a villain that tries to ruin the good guy. Fairytale aren’t just about love. They are about finding who you really are and either changing yourself to be good or enjoy being bad. Like in, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Snow White is pressured by the evil witch to take the bite of the “delicious” apple. She taunts her the whole play until she bites into it. Snow White falls to the ground and lays to rest. This is very dramatic, which most fairytales are like. It brings suspense, action and expressions from the audience.

These scenes are the made for everyone in the family to enjoy. There are fight scenes for the men and boys, and there are love scenes for the women and girls. The animals, like Puss in Boots, will be loved by everyone because fluffy, cute, big-eyed animals are within everyone’s lives every day.

This performance casts various members and performs in various showings at Tulsa Little Theatre.

Performances will run:

Friday, February 27 at 7:30 PM

Saturday, February 28 at 2:00 PM

Saturday, February 28 at 7:30 PM

Sunday, March 1 at 2:00 PM

Sunday, March 1 at 7:30 PM

Tickets will be available at the theatre and will cost $20.00. There will be exceptional VIP and discounted ticket options as well.

The Lost Pages of Wonderland is set out for a fun and unique adventure of fairy tales for the whole family to enjoy!

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Countryside Pest Control-$10 DIY Home Projects

Countryside Pest Control-$10 DIY Home Projects

Are you wanting to spruce up your home, but are working with a tight budget? That’s okay because you don’t need more than $10 for each DIY décor project recommended by Countryside Pest Control.

These little décor projects will add that extra kick to your home.

Clocks have always been around and will forever be an accessory piece to your home-style. Most homes have transitioned from the traditional grandfather clock to a more modern clock. You can easily make a homemade clock with a couple of house-held items and store bought items. All you need is a pair of scissors, a cardboard round, a round corkboard, glue and the clock’s hands with a battery back. Any image or design to be the clock’s face is your choice. This piece will make for a timeless project.

Organization is always going to make your home more put together. Desks are one of the messiest places that build up filth and unfiled papers. Building a DIY desk organizer will make this space less cluttered. You’ll need two plastic hangers, two plastic trays, thumbtacks, a drill, screws and spray paint. The tutorial on how to create this desk organizer is on

Adding color and design to your walls without paint is an awesome alternative. Using washi tape and any other removable wall decal is inexpensive and makes for a totally new look. In order to create that perfect shape by using the washi tape, you’ll need a template made of cardboard or just regular paper. This will help guide the tape to the specific shape or line you’re trying to create. Washi tape comes in multiple different colors and designs. Make your area fun without the mess of paint.

If you want to bring a little of the outdoors look into your home, then here’s a $10 DIY home project for the kitchen. Clay pots are great for a lot of things. Plants are the only items that they hold. You can easily paint and turn the pot stand and holder into a cake stand. It’s best to use spray paint (in any color you choose) to match your home’s style. All you need to do is flip the pot upside down and use silicon caulking to seal the holder on top. Now you have a homemade cake stand!

Bringing more outdoor vibes can easily be done with a thick tree branch. This piece of driftwood will make for an accented wall hanging or even a structure to hang coats, scarfs and handbags. You’re able to do this look with hooks, a screwdriver and screw eye hooks. You could add some color such as metallic paint to the ends of the repurposed wood for a more shabby chic appearance. Repurposed wood with any DIY project will bring that earthy feel into your home.

DIY projects are a great way to save money and spruce up your home. Décor in magazines and online can get expensive. If you’re willing to put in a couple hours with few tools involved, you can own those décor items by paying half the cost with building it yourself. This enables you to put your own flavor and spin on it.

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