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At Countryside Pest Control Oklahoma City we know unwanted house guests are unfortunately prevalent in Oklahoma City. Spiders, Termites, Fire Ants, Fleas & Ticks, Cockroaches, Rodents, Wasps, and a number of other invaders invade our homes and drive us crazy! Countryside Pest(Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man) will eliminate these and virtually any other home invaders that have infested your Oklahoma City area home or property. We are licensed and insured and are highly trained and skilled at handling your pest problems. Countryside Pest always uses Environmentally safe products. Countryside Pest providing pest removal solutions that are proven safe for your family, home, pets and the environment. We offer Free Estimates and are happy to explain all of your options when it comes to controlling all those unwanted pests. We will always get your approval before starting a job, not by the hour. We are available Monday through Friday and Most Saturdays---and we do lawn weed control and fertilization too. Call Byron Black today for all your pest control needs in and around Oklahoma City at: 405-923-0812

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Termites are one of the most feared insects that I hear people talk about. They are virtually harmless to people other than being gross. The main reason they are so feared is because of the intense damage they can do to our homes. In Oklahoma, for the most part, the main termite that we deal with is called the Subterranean termite. Learn more about our Pest Control Services


Flea stages develop in the house on carpeting, in cracks & crevices in floors, debris in basements, around pet’s beds, and especially in dust or lint on the floor or in the folds of furniture. Learn more about our Pest Control Services

Ants & Spiders

Ants & Spiders are a pest that no one likes to have around the Home. There are a lot of common household spiders that are harmless, but there are two spiders in Oklahoma that can be Dangerous to you and your home. The Brown Recluse and the Black Widow Spider. Learn more about our Pest Control Services


The history of the cockroach is one of natures greatest success stories. Roaches are among the oldest living things on the planet --- literally older than the hills. Over 300 million years ago the Appalachian Mountains and the Alps were rising. Learn more about our Pest Control Services

What Our Customers are Saying?

I have been using Countryside Pest Services for my home and business needs since 1996. I think they do great work and at a reasonable price. I am very satisfied with Countryside Pest Services, and would highly recommend them.

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