About Us

Let us knock out your bug problem!

Countryside Pest will eliminate virtually any home invaders that have infested your home or property. We are licensed and insured and are highly trained and skilled at handling all your pest problems. We also offer lawn weed control and fertilization.

Countryside Pest always uses Environmentally safe products, proven safe for your family and home. We offer Free Estimates and are happy to explain all of your options, and will always get your approval before starting a job. We are available Monday through Friday and most Saturdays.

All new clients will get $20 off their first service in our maintenance program

Byron Black, Founder of Countryside Pest

I started Countryside Pest Services in 1978. I believed that I could do a good service for people, give high quality service at a reasonable price, and that you would have someone that actually cares about your problems. I still, today, feel the same way about my customers.

Every one wants to feel like they have someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and fair when it comes to doing work around the home. My company cares about you and your home, when it comes to pest control services, I want to be your man. My Company doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising, most of our work comes from word of mouth (referrals). We prefer to put money in to tools and materials to give you the best quality on the job. In this business, a larger company is not always the best, the job that you pay for is only as good as the person doing the work. That’s why, I, the owner, go out on every job. I ensure that you get quality work that solves the problem. We also use environmentally safe products, so you can have worry free pest solutions in your home.

Your pests can be controlled by using a professional to treat your home on the inside and outside, by doing a thorough treatment. One very important thing to consider when choosing a company is: The job you are paying for is only as good as the person doing the work. When we come out to treat your home, the owner is there on every job, making sure you get a thorough treatment for the best you can have.