Pest Control- Unwanted House Guests

Unwanted house guests! You know the kind they come in uninvited, pick their room, drop of their stuff and then burrow into all of your business. No, I am not talking about in-laws, think smaller, more legs.

Bugs can not only be “gross” or “creepy” some kind seriously do some damage to your home or to your family members and pets.

Starting with Termites, theses little “bug”gers can destroy your home before you know you even have them. Many people think they have ants when they could actually have a termite problem which could lead to foundation problems. Turing your home into a deathtrap.

Fleas also a big problem, especially since they can be hard to kill due to their size. They are hard to control and with pets it is almost impossible with out pest control help. Ticks their bigger and arachnid cousin can lead to several problems including lime disease.

Ants though mostly a nuisance do bite and can ruin whole bags of sugar, or boxes of cereal. They have a habit of infesting electrical device which can make any DVD player or digital alarm clock a ant booby trap.

Spiders, especially fiddle-backs, are on just about everyone’s “fear list” these eight-legged pests can hide in an old coat or shoe and before you know it you have a nasty bite which will probably need medical treatment.

The other big creepy crawly and on everyone’s “icky list” the Cockroach the ultimate survivor and oddly one of natures perfect creatures. They are one of the oldest living creatures on this Earth surviving all sorts of disasters, humans and constantly adapt to survive anything nature throws at it.

If any of these unwanted guests are constantly overstaying their welcome contact those at Countryside Pest Control in Oklahoma City. They offer Free Estimates and are happy to explain all of your options and will always get your approval before starting a job. They are available Monday through Friday and Most Saturdays and do lawn weed control and fertilization too. Call Byron Black today for all your pest control needs in and around Oklahoma City at 405-923-0812.

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