Best Pest Control – Small space can be tough to work with. You want the space to look great, but not overcrowd it either.

These kind of small places usually occur when living in an apartment or townhome. There are many great ideas and tricks to fill up your space by using furniture, curtains, rugs, end tables and décor without overcrowding the room.

Some people love wrap-around couches. If you are one of these people, but are living in small space, there are no worries. You can have that couch! Utilize the space by placing the couch within a corner and by utilizing the wall as a backdrop. This will leave open space and allow for more furniture or décor.

Another furniture idea for a tight space is by facing the furniture towards each other. It can be nearly impossible to have all of the furniture facing the television in smaller space. By placing the couch on one wall and two smaller chairs on the opposite facing wall, it will create middle space. Try a smaller table top between those two chairs for more room to show picture frames or coasters. This look will allow you to have a coffee table within the middle space. Top it off with a unique tray or fixture that will hold books or a plant.

If one of the walls in the room is covered in windows or doors, that’s easy. You can simply make this space feel like home. By placing an arm chair in front of them, but also giving room between them, the chair will make for a natural sunlight look. This enables you to still utilize the other two or three walls that might make up that room. Decorate with picture frames on the walls, a light fixture and a smaller end table that holds a plant or drinks.

Lacking storage may be another problem you are dealing with the smaller space. Creating some type of coffee table with shelves or pull-out drawers will give you more space to store items such as remotes, books, throw blankets and movies. Book shelves are also now being used to display art, photos, candles or knickknacks from vacations.

For décor, curtains are a must with decorating your space. Curtains give more character to the room by adding pops of color and texture. A way to make the room appear larger is by placing the curtains above the usual hanging point. Placing the curtains almost to the ceiling will give the effect that the windows are larger and the ceiling is taller. Try using a contrasting color or texture with the room to give it more dimension.

Décor is very important to make a space come to life. Mixing different tones, shades, colors and textures will give the space charm. Even if you are going for a more neutral look, you can add pops of color or texture in the décor. This will give it depth without overdoing the look you are striving for.

So many possibilities for small spaces. Use your imagination and space well with the correct furnishings and décor!

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