Do you have small holes in wood or crumbling surfaces on drywall? These can be factors as to why you’re experiencing a termite infestation within your home. The best Oklahoma pest control can come to your home and inspect the situation to see if termites is your problem.

How do you know if termites are discovering the inside of your home? Some termites can search your home through the wood fiber. The cracks within the exterior of your home has to be as narrow as a penny’s thickness for them to find themselves inside your home. Including the cracks, termites can find themselves crawling through expansion joints, foundation cracks, and tiny gaps around plumbing and electrical outlets.

To make sure the site isn’t experiencing termite infestation, there are a couple of indicators to show for infestation. Wings shed off insects is great indicator that termites can be living there.

Dealing with Oklahoma termites, the main termite infestation to creep into your home is called the subterranean termite. These termites live within the soil and feed off the wood fibers to live.

Originally the subterranean termites lived in the soil of the river beds and fed off of driftwood within those beds. Since river sand is transported to home building sites, these little bugs make their way to home sites and lay their eggs under the concrete slab foundation of your home.

Building sites typically spray the soil to get rid of the termites, if any. The problem that these sites are still experiencing termite infestation is because they are using an inexpensive spray and materials that aren’t affective and efficient.

The best Oklahoma pest control professionals will come inspect certain areas within your home for the termite infestation. These areas include the small holes in wood and sheetrock, crumbling drywall surfaces, sagging doors or floors and signs of termite shelter tubes.

Countryside Pest uses a very effective termite specific spray, Termidor. The best Oklahoma pest control lives up to the name from the best tools we can get our hands on to eliminate these pests. Once one of the termites catches the spray, they spread it the others and wipes them out completely.

Some of the advantages that Termidor provides to eliminate the termite infestation is that is labeled America’s #1 termite defense within over three million homes that were treated using it. It spread very easily within the travel channels and wipes them out. The solution starts working immediately after spraying it, and shows results of the activity that stops the infestation within 30 days. After being tested over 12 years and being the world’s most effective termiticide, Termidor proves its unparalleled effectiveness.

Countryside pest being the best Oklahoma pest control, you’ll want a company that will get the job done and eliminate those pestering bugs. Whether they lay within your yard or inside your home, we can get the job done.

Get rid of the termite infestation within your home.

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