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Pest Control- Unwanted House Guests

Pest Control- Unwanted House Guests

Unwanted house guests! You know the kind they come in uninvited, pick their room, drop of their stuff and then burrow into all of your business. No, I am not talking about in-laws, think smaller, more legs.

Bugs can not only be “gross” or “creepy” some kind seriously do some damage to your home or to your family members and pets.

Starting with Termites, theses little “bug”gers can destroy your home before you know you even have them. Many people think they have ants when they could actually have a termite problem which could lead to foundation problems. Turing your home into a deathtrap.

Fleas also a big problem, especially since they can be hard to kill due to their size. They are hard to control and with pets it is almost impossible with out pest control help. Ticks their bigger and arachnid cousin can lead to several problems including lime disease.

Ants though mostly a nuisance do bite and can ruin whole bags of sugar, or boxes of cereal. They have a habit of infesting electrical device which can make any DVD player or digital alarm clock a ant booby trap.

Spiders, especially fiddle-backs, are on just about everyone’s “fear list” these eight-legged pests can hide in an old coat or shoe and before you know it you have a nasty bite which will probably need medical treatment.

The other big creepy crawly and on everyone’s “icky list” the Cockroach the ultimate survivor and oddly one of natures perfect creatures. They are one of the oldest living creatures on this Earth surviving all sorts of disasters, humans and constantly adapt to survive anything nature throws at it.

If any of these unwanted guests are constantly overstaying their welcome contact those at Countryside Pest Control in Oklahoma City. They offer Free Estimates and are happy to explain all of your options and will always get your approval before starting a job. They are available Monday through Friday and Most Saturdays and do lawn weed control and fertilization too. Call Byron Black today for all your pest control needs in and around Oklahoma City at 405-923-0812.

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Countryside Pest OKC – Bedbugs

Before your home is treated for bedbugs, you need to help in preparing to get the most out of the treatment.  Because bedbugs are travelers and move around a lot, you need to start by vacuuming the floors and the furniture thoroughly (if possible, shampoo or steam clean these areas). All the bedding needs to be stripped down to the mattresses, and the bedding washed in hot laundry detergent. Bedding is the most common place that bedbugs are found, in and around the creases in the mattresses and box springs or base.  Also, they are found in the furniture like bed frames, headboards, nightstands, dressers, and other furniture.  The furniture in the living room can also be areas where bedbugs can hide.  All of the floors, the bedding, and the furniture will need to be treated so plan to have all pets, children, and the people away for at least 2 to 3 hours during and after treatment.  Because all of theses areas listed above are being treated, you need to remove all pet items, children toys and clothes, shoes and clothing from the treated areas.  Because these insects lay eggs, and eggs are naturally protected by Mother Nature, you may need to treat again within 10 days.  Bedbugs may require multiple treatments depending upon environmental conditions at the home.  People can carry bedbugs from one location to another, and may not even be aware they are doing so—these things will also determine how many treatments may be necessary.

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Pest Control- Outdoor Living

Warm weather attracts certain pests, but it also attracts people. Outdoor living is prime for people who live in hot weather during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Pest control has a couple of tips in order have a better outdoor living space to entertain guests and family while attracting the eye.

Oklahoma is known for reaching up to over a hundred degrees in the peaks of summer. Although it reaches degrees this high, people love to be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

Creating a backyard space can seem like a huge project to most. It involves great backyard landscaping, design and labor. Outdoor living offers many opportunities for design and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a simple backyard or a complex and complete whole redesign, an outdoor living space will give your home a sweet touch, along with a space to entertain.

If you’re looking at a simple backyard space, you might want to consider a patio with comfortable seating and a table. A patio can be constructed by different materials depending on the style you want to display. Patios can be made up of stone, pavers, brick, concrete, sand, wood or anything that can withstand outside conditions without getting ruined. Comfortable seating is a must if you’re going to be entertaining or just lounging. The chairs should have removable cushions in order to sit comfortably and then later on store in a shed during the cold weather seasons.

For a more complex and complete backyard, this is for people who want an extravagant backyard outdoor living space. An extravagant outdoor living space can include a fireplace, pool, cabana or all of it together. A fireplace or in-ground fire pit can really make a backyard fun and welcoming. During the cooler nights of winter and early summer nights of fall, the fireplace can roast marshmallows and keep you warm. Backyards with pools are the place to be during the hot days of summer. Pools are a lot of work, but can be enjoyed 3 to 4 months out of the year, depending on where you live. Cabanas are another great idea because your outdoor furniture can be placed underneath this in order to keep dry or add an elegant touch.

Along with the different types of backyards, displaying a nice and neat landscape will match those appearances to bring it all together. Landscaping is very important when wanting an outdoor living space because it gives the home a nice touch and also adds value. Nobody wants to look at an ugly backyard, they want to view flowers, plants and nicely trimmed grass.

What is an outdoor living space without a grill? The patios and decks are a great essential to having a grill. Grills are meant for summer time and warm weather. Cooking outside really brings the whole outdoor living vibe together with having friends and family over for a cookout.

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Best Oklahoma Pest Control- Termite Infestation

Do you have small holes in wood or crumbling surfaces on drywall? These can be factors as to why you’re experiencing a termite infestation within your home. The best Oklahoma pest control can come to your home and inspect the situation to see if termites is your problem.

How do you know if termites are discovering the inside of your home? Some termites can search your home through the wood fiber. The cracks within the exterior of your home has to be as narrow as a penny’s thickness for them to find themselves inside your home. Including the cracks, termites can find themselves crawling through expansion joints, foundation cracks, and tiny gaps around plumbing and electrical outlets.

To make sure the site isn’t experiencing termite infestation, there are a couple of indicators to show for infestation. Wings shed off insects is great indicator that termites can be living there.

Dealing with Oklahoma termites, the main termite infestation to creep into your home is called the subterranean termite. These termites live within the soil and feed off the wood fibers to live.

Originally the subterranean termites lived in the soil of the river beds and fed off of driftwood within those beds. Since river sand is transported to home building sites, these little bugs make their way to home sites and lay their eggs under the concrete slab foundation of your home.

Building sites typically spray the soil to get rid of the termites, if any. The problem that these sites are still experiencing termite infestation is because they are using an inexpensive spray and materials that aren’t affective and efficient.

The best Oklahoma pest control professionals will come inspect certain areas within your home for the termite infestation. These areas include the small holes in wood and sheetrock, crumbling drywall surfaces, sagging doors or floors and signs of termite shelter tubes.

Countryside Pest uses a very effective termite specific spray, Termidor. The best Oklahoma pest control lives up to the name from the best tools we can get our hands on to eliminate these pests. Once one of the termites catches the spray, they spread it the others and wipes them out completely.

Some of the advantages that Termidor provides to eliminate the termite infestation is that is labeled America’s #1 termite defense within over three million homes that were treated using it. It spread very easily within the travel channels and wipes them out. The solution starts working immediately after spraying it, and shows results of the activity that stops the infestation within 30 days. After being tested over 12 years and being the world’s most effective termiticide, Termidor proves its unparalleled effectiveness.

Countryside pest being the best Oklahoma pest control, you’ll want a company that will get the job done and eliminate those pestering bugs. Whether they lay within your yard or inside your home, we can get the job done.

Get rid of the termite infestation within your home.

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Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance- Pest Control OKC

Are you stuck with obtaining a green and perfect lawn? You don’t want neighbors or yourself to view a patchy front lawn. If this is your problem, the grounds maintenance from pest control OKC can help retrieve that green thumb.

Countryside Pest can be the solution you need for grounds maintenance work. Pest control OKC has multiple solutions with keeping insects and unwanted pests out of your lawn.

Grounds maintenance can include various jobs for different lawns. Most of the jobs are seasonal based off the weather conditions. Countryside Pest can assist mainly in the spring, summer and early fall seasons. Lawn care services can vary and can be worked on repetitively based on the services provided. Certain services involving grounds maintenance can be physically demanding because of the frequent labor including lifting, shoveling and moving.

Being able to maintain a grounds maintenance company like Countryside Pest, it will provide your home or business with a pleasant outdoor presence and environment it requests.

Grounds maintenance work includes mowing, edging, fertilizing, weeding, mulching and other work labor that is required. Various tasks can be achieved and completed to obtain that outdoor environment you’ve requested.

In order to maintain the perfect lawn, grounds maintenance services are the route to go, especially if you live on a large lot. Mowing the lawn is just the beginning to the grounds maintenance process and what they are capable of accomplishing.

Countryside Pest is capable of providing you a green lawn by watering the lawns and gardens, along with planting flowers, trees and shrubbery. Along with keeping these things green, maintain the clean presence includes services such as mowing, edging, weeding and fertilizing lawns. Whether you need a front lawn, side lawn or backyard maintained by the grounds maintenance crew from pest control OKC, we can assist in a variety of tasks.

In addition to grounds maintenance, pest control OKC is capable of performing many types of treatments for your lawn. These treatments include exclusions, exterminating, mosquito control, prevention treatments, removal, spraying, and lawn fertilization and weed control. Most of these lawn treatments are performed the beginning of spring because of the new plants and flowers blooming. With having the spring season bring up the plants and flowers, it brings about new insects and pests that you don’t want lingering and destroying your garden and lawn.

Pest control OKC will use the techniques of exterminating and spraying the lawn and garden with certain solutions, in order to remove and deter those critters. Prevention treatments are also another solution for your lawn and garden. Some of the pests include ants, beetles, bees, flying insects and larger pests such as mice and rabbits. The most common ways to detect which pests are pestering around your lawn and garden is by the bite marks or by physically spotting them in action.

Keep pest out of your lawn and showcase a green lawn from the grounds maintenance services provided by Countryside Pest this spring and summer.

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Pest Control

Pest Control- Lawn and Garden

This is the time of the year where you’ll start cleaning up your yard and garden for spring. You will want to plant those new plants and flowers that you just bought, along with spreading new mulch. In order for this to happen and keep a nice lawn and garden, you will want to know the common pests that live in those areas so you can keep your lawn and garden alive. The pest control team at Countryside Pest has some critters to be on the lookout for this spring.

Pests are mainly a bothersome, unless they are keeping your plants alive such as the bees. Other critters are the ones that are terrorizing and destroying your precious flowers and plants. These types of creatures are there to feed and get their nutrients, but you will want them elsewhere. The last thing you want to see are holes or broken off stems displayed in your garden.

The first critter is a very slow moving and easy to notice bug. These are the slugs and snails that are considered to be the slimy garden pests. These home garden wreckers can easily destroy your garden within a night. You want to keep a good eye on these pests by removing all of the hiding places where they would migrate to and use small containers of stale beer within the garden. This keeps them away!

Beetles are another huge issue for gardeners. Most likely the beetles are the ones placing small holes in the leaves of different plants, flowers and vegetables. With enough of these crawling and creating these holes can kill the seedlings to your crops and plants. You’ll want to protect your plants with a horticultural fleece to keep them under control and off of your plants. Pest control of Countryside Pest recommends a safe spray that kills off the bugs, but protects your plants as well.

Another common bug that is crawling within your lawn and garden are earwigs. These pests have the long antennae and pinchers on the ends of them. Most likely these bugs will be hiding within your lawn and garden in order to tender new growth. You can catch them by placing small containers of oil within your garden and spraying with an anti-bug repellent that is safe for plants.

All different types of worms are one of the biggest problems for gardeners. Cutworms, horn worms and other species of worms will root through your crops and larger plants. As they seem harmless, they are capable of tearing through your garden and destroying your plants from the root up. Fighting and killing seedlings are what they do best. Prevention can include handpicking them out of your garden or using a garden spray will help prevent infestation.

These are just some of the pests that are creeping and crawling through your garden during the day and night. If you want to prevent them from destroying your fresh crops, plants and flowers, follow the simple prevention tips and tricks above. Although these only cover some of the pest infestation, the pest control at Countryside Pest suggests using some of these tips.

Keep the pests out of your lawn and garden with the best pest control advice and services from Countryside Pest!

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Pest Control OKC- Allergy Season

Pest Control OKC

Allergy season is in high gear for Oklahoma and other states. Once those temperatures start to rise, the allergies come out to play. Most people will suffer from allergies by having a stuffy nose, stuffy head or scratchy throat. Sometimes allergies can even affect your eyes by creating them to itch. Not only are flowers and pollen of the spring weather components of allergies, but Pest control OKC says that pests do as well.

Allergens or asthma can be affected by pollen, dust, mold and pet dander. Those are the most commonly known issues to blame for allergy complications. There are other triggers that you probably wouldn’t think about when it comes to allergy season or allergies at all.

Common household pests could be a trigger to your allergies. The common household pests such as cockroaches and mice can be a threat to your allergies and asthma. It doesn’t have to be the pest itself that is in your home, it could simply be the saliva or droppings they have left behind during the cold weather season. When the weather is cold, the pests want a nice and warm place to have shelter and food. Cockroaches are able to squeeze through small holes or cracks as small as a toothpick. As for mice, they are able to fit through openings the size of a dime and larger. Once the pests are inside, they can immediately start multiplying and reproducing.

In order to prevent the likelihood of these pests entering your home and causing allergy issues, Pest control OKC has some prevention tips. You’ll want to get in a good habit of sanitizing the indoors of your home. This includes cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming every week, dusting and taking out the trash when necessary or when anything is of smelling odor. Some other measures to take to eliminate allergens are storing food in sealed containers, sealing the cracks within your walls or doors, having proper ventilation within your home, screen vents and having a pest control OKC professional handy at all times.

Some other pests that could affect your allergies are termites, spiders, other rodents and birds. Although some of these sound unlikely to creep into your home, but you’d be surprised with the holes in either roofs, windows or house siding that the pests could easily make their way inside.

For some facts from Countryside Pest, at least one out of five Americans suffer from allergies or asthma in their life. One in five American children suffer from severe allergies or sensitivity towards pests such as cockroaches or mice. For households, over 60 percent of them contains either saliva, droppings or decomposed bodies of cockroaches or mice every year. These such things will attract other components leading to allergens within the home.

For this spring season, make sure to get your home inspected by Countryside Pest to clear all the unwanted pests causing your allergies.

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Flea Exterminators Oklahoma City

Flea Exterminators Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Flea exterminators Oklahoma City would like you to be prepared and treat your home and pets from fleas if possible, before total infestation.

There are many different DIY remedies and natural remedies out there that will eliminate fleas within your home or pets. Many of them work very well, while others tend to die off and not work as well. As for the home remedies, there is something in your kitchen refrigerator that will work just as well as those good, expensive resultants.

Lemon extract is the way to go. The flea exterminators Oklahoma City agree with the fact that lemon extract can eliminate fleas within your home or pet’s fur coat before taking over. It will help with the wait before having an Oklahoma City exterminator come into your home as well.

The lemon extract is able to be made right in the kitchen, without having to leave and purchase a disinfectant. You should start off with a couple lemons on hand and thinly slice them. After slicing the lemons, you’ll want to boil water around the lemons that are placed into a separate container. Let these sit overnight for them to ferment. Once the overnight sitting is over with, you’re able to pour the solution into a bottle in able to spray your home and pets.

When you’re treating your home with the homemade lemon extract solution, you’ll want to spray down everything you can. Your furniture, carpets, rugs, bed mattress and anywhere you think the little fleas would hibernate and hide.

For your pets, you want to make sure your homemade lemon extract kills the fleas on your dog or cat’s fur coat. It should be able to kill them on contact when spraying the solution onto their fur. Sometimes it’s best to massage or rub in the solution into their fur to make certain you’ve gotten all the fleas killed. Before spraying on to your animal’s fur, make sure they aren’t allergic to the citrus oil. Along with the home spray, make sure to spray down the cat or dog bed as well, because those fleas could possibly be in their cozy bed.

The flea exterminators Oklahoma City wants the best solution for your pest and flea control in your home or business. Using the homemade lemon extract solution, which is the one suggestive approach before the exterminators arrive, is a great program to control pest and flea behavior from season to season. The seasons will change and sometimes change unexpectedly, so you’ll want to be prepared with your homemade remedy for emergencies that you can handle before the flea exterminators Oklahoma City can distinguish it.

The flea exterminators Oklahoma City provides year round service and guarantees his methods and programs will get rid of those unwanted fleas and pests from time to time.

Next time you have fleas or come across them, call the flea exterminators Oklahoma City.

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OKC pest control

OKC Pest Control- Tick Exterminators

There is a good amount to be said it when it comes to tick prevention. The OKC pest control has a few tips to give on how to prevent yourselves or your pets from coming in contact with ticks.

For tick prevention, there are multiple ways to prevent yourself or your pet from harm. Ticks aren’t something you want to acquire. Sometimes a tick can live from 47 days to 122 days, depending on how well it’s feeding. Just like fleas, ticks have a life cycle as well. There is the egg, then the larva, nymph and lastly the adult life stage. The most common way to have a tick problem or infestation is by having a dog or pet drag it in from outside. In order for the ticks to reproduce, they need a good supply of blood meal and that will usually come from yourself or your pet. In addition to reproducing, the different kinds of ticks can carry multiple diseases and can be very dangerous to humans and animals.

The first  tip is to avoid moist or humid environments that are most likely wooded or shaded areas. This could be in your backyard, in the woods or by a lake. Typically ticks are found when you’re going on a hike through the woods, swampy areas or even dirt paths. It just depends on where they are wanting to live. The professionals suggests if you’re in those type of areas during tick season, make sure to check yourself and your pet’s coat for possibly ticks.

OKC pest control tip number two is for areas in your own backyard. If you thought your backyard was clean from them, you’re wrong. There are simple ways to avoid them from entering areas of the backyard where your children or the animals play in. Using such things as wood chippings can be placed on the edge of the grass. Another smart key to remember is never leave old leave piles sitting around your yard because those build up moisture and is a pool for ticks.

In addition to the areas to watch out for, OKC pest control advises to wear the tick repellent and tick repellent clothing when in these type of areas. In the woods, lakes or in leaves, it’s best to wear outdoor apparel that is fitting for the occasion. There is an insect-repellent fabric that is made to keep those pests away. Certain bug sprays repel those unwanted ticks and bugs away as well.

Tick checks are always the best thing to do after being in these type of environments. After a day of adventure or play, it’s wise to check your hair and your animal’s coat for possibly ticks.

After taking all of these precautions and prevention tips, OKC pest control is able to step in and help when needed. If there’s an infestation problem occurring in your home, OKC pest control will come in with preparation by the customer first and then follow up with the treatment needed.

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Pest Control OKC

Pest Control OKC- Flea Season


Flea season is approaching us quickly. With spring starting today, warmer weather is coming our way. We are all excited that the nasty cold weather is leaving us, but the only bad thing that comes along with warmer weather is fleas. Pest control OKC can service to your flea control at your home or business.

Pest control OKC is able to seek out the pest behavior from season to season. Since we are approaching the warmer temperatures and weather, fleas are the number one concern, especially for your pets.

Fleas are not fun to deal with. They irritate your pets and they make you itch, which causes discomfort as well. For the most part they disturb your pets, but can sometimes bite humans.

There are many different treatments in order to get rid of the fleas or flea eggs. This can be a process because it usually comes along with eliminating eggs from bedding, grasses, floors, furniture and other larger surface areas where they can hide.

Pest control OKC has the life cycle of the flea to inform you about the different stages of the flea life.

  1. Flea eggs. Fleas start off as eggs and they fall off the infected pet’s coat into the environment. They hide and then hatch within two to ten days. There are hundreds that hatch at once. These flea eggs are very tiny and sometimes difficult to even disguise. Use the best pest control OKC to come in and inspect, in order to get rid of them immediately.
  2. The next stage is flea larva. Sounds disturbing and disgusting, which it is. These flea larva will hide in dark spots in your home after hatching. These are the places where you’ll most likely not want them: furniture, bed and carpets. Flea larva will multiply by cocooning themselves and hatching after two weeks.
  3. Flea pupa is the next stage after cocooning occurs. This is similar to the butterfly effect. They’ll cocoon themselves in this flea pupa stage for nine days or so and then hatch into more fleas.
  4. The last stage is the adult flea stage. Hopefully they don’t live to this stage before you can get them removed and exterminated. This is the worst stage because they’re fully grown and are able to emerge from the cocoon. Along with emerging, they’ll feed off of the pet’s blood and rest within their fur coats.

Some signs to watch out for on your pets are black specs in the pet’s coat, excessive biting and scratching of your pet and a good amount of fur/ hair loss.

Pest control OKC will come in and get the job done by inspecting and exterminating the unwanted fleas during the warmer weather temperatures. Being in Oklahoma, there is very crucial warm weather, so it’s good to be overly cautious of your pet, home and yourself to be free from fleas. Oklahoma is also in the medium risk for flea infestation.

Contact the best pest control OKC for flea season.

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