Best Oklahoma Pest Control recommends the Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes

Being the best Oklahoma Pest Control in Okloahoma City, we want to share this wonderful cake shop with our neighbors.

Need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours?

With freshly baked aromas filling the air, The Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes can sugar-coat your craving. This local eatery serves cupcakes and cakes daily. You can stop in for a flavor of the day cupcake or choose from the cake gallery.

You can choose from a dozen of mismatched flavors of cupcakes Tuesday through Saturday. You can pick from a selection of mini cupcakes to large cupcakes to lump sum orders of mini cupcake dozens and large cupcake dozens. Each cupcake isn’t just your typical vanilla or chocolate savor. The Cake Shop fulfills every cupcake lover’s desire. Vanilla Thrilla is the classic white wedding cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting. There is birthday cake vanilla and birthday cake chocolate, depending on the cake connoisseur. The Mocha Latte provides for those coffee lover’s needs of the ultimate chocolate cake, Starbucks coffee buttercream and chocolate drizzle. For more flavor and pizazz, the Turtle Cheesecake is mixed up of ultimate chocolate cake, cheesecake filling, cream cheese frosting, caramel drizzle and candied pecans.

If cupcakes aren’t big enough for your taste buds, there is also a cake gallery. You can choose from any decorative and delicious cakes. The most popular option is to customize your own cake. The cake gallery shows different custom cakes made for previous customers that displays all the cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes and special occasion cakes.

The party room is somewhere to cherish memories. It hosts baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, luncheons, meetings, small groups and more. These parties can accommodate up to 30 guests. The sweets menu for these occasions includes 18 large cupcakes or 3 dozen mini cupcakes of whatever flavor you’re feeling. Lemonade is the primary drink provided along with water. There are also 2 games included with prizes for big parties held in the party room. What’s better than throwing a party full of cakes and sweets?

Countryside Pest, the best Oklahoma Pest Control recommends that you check them out. The Cake Shop can also make that special day just a little bit sweeter. Wedding cakes are customized to your style and taste. This process involved with weddings should be the most fun and the least stressful.  Sitting down and sampling multiple cakes and cupcakes is a fantasy. The Cake Shop wants your day to be special and flavorful. Design your cake to be beautiful, delicious and memorable.

The Cake Shop by ButterSweet Cakes makes for the icing on the top! Choice of the Best Oklahoma Pest Control company.


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