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Flea Exterminators Oklahoma City

Flea removal

fleasFLEAS – The typical life cycle of a flea lasts from 15 to 33 days and fleas pass through four stages during this cycle: (1) egg (2) larva (3) pupa, and (4) adult. Fleas live on animal blood and move from one host to another --- from dog to dog, dog to cat, animal to man, etc. Adult fleas lay eggs on the tips of the pet’s hair and as the the pet moves moves through your house, these microscopic eggs drop onto floors or furniture where they complete the developmental process. This is how a flea infestation begins. Flea stages develop in the house on carpeting, in cracks & crevices in floors, debris in basements, around pet’s beds, and especially in dust or lint on the floor or in the folds of furniture.