Countryside Pest Control-$10 DIY Home Projects

Are you wanting to spruce up your home, but are working with a tight budget? That’s okay because you don’t need more than $10 for each DIY décor project recommended by Countryside Pest Control.

These little décor projects will add that extra kick to your home.

Clocks have always been around and will forever be an accessory piece to your home-style. Most homes have transitioned from the traditional grandfather clock to a more modern clock. You can easily make a homemade clock with a couple of house-held items and store bought items. All you need is a pair of scissors, a cardboard round, a round corkboard, glue and the clock’s hands with a battery back. Any image or design to be the clock’s face is your choice. This piece will make for a timeless project.

Organization is always going to make your home more put together. Desks are one of the messiest places that build up filth and unfiled papers. Building a DIY desk organizer will make this space less cluttered. You’ll need two plastic hangers, two plastic trays, thumbtacks, a drill, screws and spray paint. The tutorial on how to create this desk organizer is on

Adding color and design to your walls without paint is an awesome alternative. Using washi tape and any other removable wall decal is inexpensive and makes for a totally new look. In order to create that perfect shape by using the washi tape, you’ll need a template made of cardboard or just regular paper. This will help guide the tape to the specific shape or line you’re trying to create. Washi tape comes in multiple different colors and designs. Make your area fun without the mess of paint.

If you want to bring a little of the outdoors look into your home, then here’s a $10 DIY home project for the kitchen. Clay pots are great for a lot of things. Plants are the only items that they hold. You can easily paint and turn the pot stand and holder into a cake stand. It’s best to use spray paint (in any color you choose) to match your home’s style. All you need to do is flip the pot upside down and use silicon caulking to seal the holder on top. Now you have a homemade cake stand!

Bringing more outdoor vibes can easily be done with a thick tree branch. This piece of driftwood will make for an accented wall hanging or even a structure to hang coats, scarfs and handbags. You’re able to do this look with hooks, a screwdriver and screw eye hooks. You could add some color such as metallic paint to the ends of the repurposed wood for a more shabby chic appearance. Repurposed wood with any DIY project will bring that earthy feel into your home.

DIY projects are a great way to save money and spruce up your home. Décor in magazines and online can get expensive. If you’re willing to put in a couple hours with few tools involved, you can own those décor items by paying half the cost with building it yourself. This enables you to put your own flavor and spin on it.

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