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Allergy season is in high gear for Oklahoma and other states. Once those temperatures start to rise, the allergies come out to play. Most people will suffer from allergies by having a stuffy nose, stuffy head or scratchy throat. Sometimes allergies can even affect your eyes by creating them to itch. Not only are flowers and pollen of the spring weather components of allergies, but Pest control OKC says that pests do as well.

Allergens or asthma can be affected by pollen, dust, mold and pet dander. Those are the most commonly known issues to blame for allergy complications. There are other triggers that you probably wouldn’t think about when it comes to allergy season or allergies at all.

Common household pests could be a trigger to your allergies. The common household pests such as cockroaches and mice can be a threat to your allergies and asthma. It doesn’t have to be the pest itself that is in your home, it could simply be the saliva or droppings they have left behind during the cold weather season. When the weather is cold, the pests want a nice and warm place to have shelter and food. Cockroaches are able to squeeze through small holes or cracks as small as a toothpick. As for mice, they are able to fit through openings the size of a dime and larger. Once the pests are inside, they can immediately start multiplying and reproducing.

In order to prevent the likelihood of these pests entering your home and causing allergy issues, Pest control OKC has some prevention tips. You’ll want to get in a good habit of sanitizing the indoors of your home. This includes cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming every week, dusting and taking out the trash when necessary or when anything is of smelling odor. Some other measures to take to eliminate allergens are storing food in sealed containers, sealing the cracks within your walls or doors, having proper ventilation within your home, screen vents and having a pest control OKC professional handy at all times.

Some other pests that could affect your allergies are termites, spiders, other rodents and birds. Although some of these sound unlikely to creep into your home, but you’d be surprised with the holes in either roofs, windows or house siding that the pests could easily make their way inside.

For some facts from Countryside Pest, at least one out of five Americans suffer from allergies or asthma in their life. One in five American children suffer from severe allergies or sensitivity towards pests such as cockroaches or mice. For households, over 60 percent of them contains either saliva, droppings or decomposed bodies of cockroaches or mice every year. These such things will attract other components leading to allergens within the home.

For this spring season, make sure to get your home inspected by Countryside Pest to clear all the unwanted pests causing your allergies.

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