Flea exterminators Oklahoma City would like you to be prepared and treat your home and pets from fleas if possible, before total infestation.

There are many different DIY remedies and natural remedies out there that will eliminate fleas within your home or pets. Many of them work very well, while others tend to die off and not work as well. As for the home remedies, there is something in your kitchen refrigerator that will work just as well as those good, expensive resultants.

Lemon extract is the way to go. The flea exterminators Oklahoma City agree with the fact that lemon extract can eliminate fleas within your home or pet’s fur coat before taking over. It will help with the wait before having an Oklahoma City exterminator come into your home as well.

The lemon extract is able to be made right in the kitchen, without having to leave and purchase a disinfectant. You should start off with a couple lemons on hand and thinly slice them. After slicing the lemons, you’ll want to boil water around the lemons that are placed into a separate container. Let these sit overnight for them to ferment. Once the overnight sitting is over with, you’re able to pour the solution into a bottle in able to spray your home and pets.

When you’re treating your home with the homemade lemon extract solution, you’ll want to spray down everything you can. Your furniture, carpets, rugs, bed mattress and anywhere you think the little fleas would hibernate and hide.

For your pets, you want to make sure your homemade lemon extract kills the fleas on your dog or cat’s fur coat. It should be able to kill them on contact when spraying the solution onto their fur. Sometimes it’s best to massage or rub in the solution into their fur to make certain you’ve gotten all the fleas killed. Before spraying on to your animal’s fur, make sure they aren’t allergic to the citrus oil. Along with the home spray, make sure to spray down the cat or dog bed as well, because those fleas could possibly be in their cozy bed.

The flea exterminators Oklahoma City wants the best solution for your pest and flea control in your home or business. Using the homemade lemon extract solution, which is the one suggestive approach before the exterminators arrive, is a great program to control pest and flea behavior from season to season. The seasons will change and sometimes change unexpectedly, so you’ll want to be prepared with your homemade remedy for emergencies that you can handle before the flea exterminators Oklahoma City can distinguish it.

The flea exterminators Oklahoma City provides year round service and guarantees his methods and programs will get rid of those unwanted fleas and pests from time to time.

Next time you have fleas or come across them, call the flea exterminators Oklahoma City.

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