There is a good amount to be said it when it comes to tick prevention. The OKC pest control has a few tips to give on how to prevent yourselves or your pets from coming in contact with ticks.

For tick prevention, there are multiple ways to prevent yourself or your pet from harm. Ticks aren’t something you want to acquire. Sometimes a tick can live from 47 days to 122 days, depending on how well it’s feeding. Just like fleas, ticks have a life cycle as well. There is the egg, then the larva, nymph and lastly the adult life stage. The most common way to have a tick problem or infestation is by having a dog or pet drag it in from outside. In order for the ticks to reproduce, they need a good supply of blood meal and that will usually come from yourself or your pet. In addition to reproducing, the different kinds of ticks can carry multiple diseases and can be very dangerous to humans and animals.

The first  tip is to avoid moist or humid environments that are most likely wooded or shaded areas. This could be in your backyard, in the woods or by a lake. Typically ticks are found when you’re going on a hike through the woods, swampy areas or even dirt paths. It just depends on where they are wanting to live. The professionals suggests if you’re in those type of areas during tick season, make sure to check yourself and your pet’s coat for possibly ticks.

OKC pest control tip number two is for areas in your own backyard. If you thought your backyard was clean from them, you’re wrong. There are simple ways to avoid them from entering areas of the backyard where your children or the animals play in. Using such things as wood chippings can be placed on the edge of the grass. Another smart key to remember is never leave old leave piles sitting around your yard because those build up moisture and is a pool for ticks.

In addition to the areas to watch out for, OKC pest control advises to wear the tick repellent and tick repellent clothing when in these type of areas. In the woods, lakes or in leaves, it’s best to wear outdoor apparel that is fitting for the occasion. There is an insect-repellent fabric that is made to keep those pests away. Certain bug sprays repel those unwanted ticks and bugs away as well.

Tick checks are always the best thing to do after being in these type of environments. After a day of adventure or play, it’s wise to check your hair and your animal’s coat for possibly ticks.

After taking all of these precautions and prevention tips, OKC pest control is able to step in and help when needed. If there’s an infestation problem occurring in your home, OKC pest control will come in with preparation by the customer first and then follow up with the treatment needed.

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