Flea season is approaching us quickly. With spring starting today, warmer weather is coming our way. We are all excited that the nasty cold weather is leaving us, but the only bad thing that comes along with warmer weather is fleas. Pest control OKC can service to your flea control at your home or business.

Pest control OKC is able to seek out the pest behavior from season to season. Since we are approaching the warmer temperatures and weather, fleas are the number one concern, especially for your pets.

Fleas are not fun to deal with. They irritate your pets and they make you itch, which causes discomfort as well. For the most part they disturb your pets, but can sometimes bite humans.

There are many different treatments in order to get rid of the fleas or flea eggs. This can be a process because it usually comes along with eliminating eggs from bedding, grasses, floors, furniture and other larger surface areas where they can hide.

Pest control OKC has the life cycle of the flea to inform you about the different stages of the flea life.

  1. Flea eggs. Fleas start off as eggs and they fall off the infected pet’s coat into the environment. They hide and then hatch within two to ten days. There are hundreds that hatch at once. These flea eggs are very tiny and sometimes difficult to even disguise. Use the best pest control OKC to come in and inspect, in order to get rid of them immediately.
  2. The next stage is flea larva. Sounds disturbing and disgusting, which it is. These flea larva will hide in dark spots in your home after hatching. These are the places where you’ll most likely not want them: furniture, bed and carpets. Flea larva will multiply by cocooning themselves and hatching after two weeks.
  3. Flea pupa is the next stage after cocooning occurs. This is similar to the butterfly effect. They’ll cocoon themselves in this flea pupa stage for nine days or so and then hatch into more fleas.
  4. The last stage is the adult flea stage. Hopefully they don’t live to this stage before you can get them removed and exterminated. This is the worst stage because they’re fully grown and are able to emerge from the cocoon. Along with emerging, they’ll feed off of the pet’s blood and rest within their fur coats.

Some signs to watch out for on your pets are black specs in the pet’s coat, excessive biting and scratching of your pet and a good amount of fur/ hair loss.

Pest control OKC will come in and get the job done by inspecting and exterminating the unwanted fleas during the warmer weather temperatures. Being in Oklahoma, there is very crucial warm weather, so it’s good to be overly cautious of your pet, home and yourself to be free from fleas. Oklahoma is also in the medium risk for flea infestation.

Contact the best pest control OKC for flea season.

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